If you toss 'em like horseshoes, but they're really balls . . . . must be HORSEBALLS !!!

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Horseballs is the new and exciting game for your next get together. Play it with friends, family, even with co-workers at break! Indoors or out, Horseballs makes everyone get in the action and have fun! You'll love our ball design - durable and heavy enough for fun 'Horseballs' action - yet soft with safety in mind. Play individually or on teams. Maybe even make a little wager on who has the skill to rack up the most points and become a Horseballs legend in their own mind! A great idea for block parties and reunions and a real crowd pleaser.

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Horseballs - the unpredictable toss game. Watch them flip, spin, bounce, wrap, reject, loop. It's the perfect game for for any age, any location, and any occasion!
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