If you toss 'em like horseshoes, but they're really balls . . . . must be HORSEBALLS !!!

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Horseballs is the new and exciting game for your next get together. Play it with friends, family, even with co-workers at break! Indoors or out, Horseballs makes everyone get in the action and have fun! You'll love our ball design - durable and heavy enough for fun 'Horseballs' action - yet soft with safety in mind. Play individually or on teams. Maybe even make a little wager on who has the skill to rack up the most points and become a Horseballs legend in their own mind! A great idea for block parties and reunions and a real crowd pleaser.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Dear Professor, why do you say that this game was designed primarily for adults?
A. Because kids have enough damn games!
Q. What should I do if a ball separates from the cord?
A. Simply re-tie the knot at the very end of the cord and pull it tight. Burn the end of the cord behind the knot, melting it slightly, and allow it to cool. This will insure that the knot is secure and will not come loose again. With this done, press the knot into the hole in the ball and you're back in business.  (This feature will also allow you to replace a nylon cord if it should become severely worn over extended periods of play.)
Q.  How long does it take to learn the game and gain a comfortable skill level?
A. We recently had a party and nearly 50 people participated in a 'winner take all' Horseballs tournament. Most of the entrants had played the game many times, yet the winning couple had never played the game before.
Q. Dear Prof Balz, I have heard that you have a great margarita recipe, is it true?
A. Yes!

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